• IDX Application Support

    Maintenance and support for currently used IDX applications including dictionaries, claim form generator, EDI, FDL, DBMS, PCS, screen generator

  • Upgrade Support

    Seasoned support for the upgrade process, including version comparison, feature utilization, test script design, testing and training

  • Implementation Support

    Assistance for new system installations and add-on modules to existing system. This assistance may include project management, application configuration, testing and training.

  • Custom Report Writing

    Support for DBMS report writer and configuration of standard reports in BAR and PCS

  • Application Testing

    Application testing, including test script development for implementations, upgrades and reconfigurations

  • Staff Support

    Support for day-to-day operations during staff shortages, during major projects or other staff replacement needs

  • Training

    End-user, Information Systems or management-level training of applications and processes. Use classroom lecture or hands-on instruction dependent on need.