KAVart SE Server Requirements

KAVart SE relies of multiple programs in order to function properly. These programs are either normally licensed by a company or are free to install, saving licensing costs on KAVart SE itself. These programs are Microsoft Excel, Windows Task Scheduler, and the InterSystems ODBC drivers.

KAVart SE runs best on a designated reporting Windows server (either physical or virtual) but can also be run on a standard Windows PC. The recommended server specifications are listed out below. These are the minimum specifications needed to run KAVart SE.

Item Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Operating System Windows© Server 2008
Windows© Server 2008 R2
Windows© Server 2012
Windows© Server 2012 R2
Windows© Server 2016
Windows© Server 2016 64-bit
Processor As recommended by operating system
Memory As recommended by operating syatem 2 GB RAM
Storage 5 GB 5 GB
Software Microsoft Excel© 2007+
InterSystems Cache© ODBC Drivers
Microsoft© .NET 4.6+
Microsoft Excel© 2013 (64-bit)
Microsoft© .NET 4.6
Miscellaneous A designated outbound port should be opened for email communication (if applicable)
Server/users should have access to network drive where output files will be stored (if applicable)
Remote access to the server for support purposes
Port 25

Cache Requirements

A connection to the cache server is required to retrieve data from the system. This connection is established by utilizing an ODBC connection from the InterSystems ODBC drivers. The ODBC drivers must match the version of KAVart SE. For example, if the 64 bit version of KAVart SE is installed then the 64 bit ODBC drivers are needed. Below is a list of information that is needed to establish the ODBC connection. Please note, the Superserver port will need to be opened for "listening" and the Cache User will need to be setup in Security Plus with an identical username and access to the REPORTER and DBMS applications.

  • ODBC or AES license; no actual AES knowledge required
  • Cache Version
  • Cache Server IP address
  • Cache Superserver port number
  • Destination UCI
  • Cache Username/Password