Release Notes

Version Details
  • Fix for issue when scheduling a report to run on the last day of the month via a scheduled task
  • Fix for inability to update report in the Batch Library when moving it to a new folder
  • Fix for removing all instances of a report from the Batch Library when the schedule is changed
  • Adds functionality to determine if the application is running as an administrator
  • If running as an administrator, the scheduled tasks will be set to run with highest privileges
  • Fix for initial installation incorrectly creating the Batch Library file
  • Fix for incorrect batch order being recorded when saving application settings
  • Fix for incorrect recording of error in history file
  • Fix for inability to group time values in Pivot Table
  • Fix for error when calculating average report run time when report is currently running
  • Fix for possible issue where the batch and report history could pull the wrong record when updating during automation or viewing within the application
  • Initial release of the KAVart Application
  • Improved stability and reliability over the legacy Excel-base add-in
  • Greater customization as to what is included in the output files
  • Multiple email groups per report allows for greater control over distribution
  • Improved timestamp functionality for tagging the output files
  • Enhanced history tracking logs individual steps taken during the automation process
  • The ability to manage report schedules without the need to update tasks manually in Windows Task Scheduler