History of KAVart

When GE Centricity introduced version 3.0 it came with the Intersystem Caché Database. Caché opened the door to reporting opportunities unparalleled by previous GE software. Since then much of the client base has remained steadfast in utilizing less effective reporting tools. The common barriers of the community are resistance to change, unfamiliarity with Caché and its value, and a lack of internal knowledge. Over the next ten years we predict that this trend will change as the tremendous value of Caché is recognized and heralded by those who embrace it. As a company, KAV Consulting has decided that we want to be a part of that change and the value it brings to the GE community. To achieve this goal, we have invested ourselves into becoming experts in Caché reporting so that we can help you achieve the same goal in less time.

In our journey we have found the single largest challenge for those who take on Caché was finding a cost effective solution for executing, distributing, and storing Caché reports. To eliminate this barrier, we developed KAVart. KAVart by its simplest definition is just a Caché starter kit. What you will find though is that this starter kit will unlock the power of Caché by executing, automating, formating, charting, graphing, and delivering your reports more effectively than you thought possible. All this without ever leaving the comfort zone of Microsoft Excel. The value our clients readily attest that KAVart brings is our resume of how we can successfully implement Caché reporting at your site.

When you decide to take on Caché, know that KAV Consulting has faced the struggle ahead of you and we know the key to achieving success. Allow us to make the transition easier through tailored training, report development assistance, and the installation of KAVart.

KAVart is

  • KAV Automated Reporting Tool
  • A scheduling tool to allow daily, weekly, and monthly automatic preparation of Caché reports
  • A report production tool that allows creation of MS Excel files, automatically defining PivotTables, charts, graphs, and reports from the source data
  • A mechanism for IS to manage the production of reports
  • A tool for management to have reports dropped into a folder or emailed directly to one or more recipients
  • An opportunity to allow for system error checking and notification
  • A solution for meeting daily reporting needs without having daily data warehouse updates
  • A solution to eliminate the cost of labor intensive manual report production

Common Caché Misconceptions

  • Caché is for ETM data only. Wrong, Caché can query anything stored in DBMS
  • Caché is a completely new language that I have to learn. Actually, although Caché uses its own conventions for table naming it is very similar to the SQL used in other database software

System Prerequisites to access Caché Data

  • Installation of Flowcast Version 3.0 or higher
  • AES license; no actual AES knowledge required

What can KAVart and KAV do for you?

  • Train on writing Caché queries
  • Assist in migrating reporting from antiquated solutions to Caché
  • Build daily, weekly, and monthly reports to meet real time information needs not met by data warehouses
  • Develop tailored reports for decision making at each level of Management and even for end users
  • Develop external databases utilizing KAVart and other software aside from Excel

KAVart Prerequisites