KAV Consulting, LLC is a small firm specializing in GE applications that improve overall processes, positively impact cash collections, and bring value to organizations we work with. In maintaining our small team, we also maintain a high level of quality and commitment to our clients.

We are not contractors, who approach a project with an attitude of "Tell me what to do." We are true consultants, bringing a combined 55+ years in healthcare billing and information technology. Not only do we know the system, we understand the process, the goals, and how to get there.

In reviewing the profiles, you will see strong backgrounds in all phases of GE Centricity Business/IDX FlowCast applications. Understanding how these applications fit together to build a strong, cash-centric process enables us to provide value to our clients quickly and efficiently. In the same number of hours scoped, we provide faster, higher quality results.

Our focus has become Enterprise Task Manager, although we continue to manage and support other projects and products. The installation we have with ETM provides enhanced value over a standard install. Our install provides benefits such as Indicators to alert the person of non-standard items in their View, Outcomes the provide management with an additional level of productivity, and Returns,which is a truly fantastic feature that discounts production and provides training opportunities when staff performs actions incorrectly. The transparency of the information within ETM, the reporting that we provide, and the process knowledge brought in all combine to provide your organization with a truly elite implementation of ETM.